Save The Rainforest, Inc.

A nonprofit organization that promotes purposeful travel, inspires students, saves rainforest and alleviates poverty.  



Save the Rainforest is partnering with the Yakum Foundation in Ecuador in 2020. Below is a description of their activities. 

The Yakum Foundation is dedicated to working with the Cofan, Siekopai, Kichwa and Shuar people to regenerate and conserve rainforests, eradicate hunger,  strengthen indigenous culture and reduce carbon emissions.  Yakum has already established 18 nurseries and germinated the seeds of one hundred species of native fruit, nut and rare hardwood trees.  Tens of thousands of these seedlings have been planted in forest plots, family farms and community planting areas. We have also trained young Siekopai leaders to map their extensive, species rich forests.  This provides useful information for strengthening their culture and forest protection.




To download the book TWO DECADES IN THE RAINFOREST and learn more about travel tours and school trips with "Save the Rainforest" click on the owl butterfly.





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