Save The Rainforest, Inc.

A CHARITABLE NON-PROFIT ORGANIZTION (.org) THAT SPECIALIZES IN TRIPS to the rainforests and coral reefs of Latin America for educators & students. 


Our Rainforest Trips

for a Cause Campaign

Donates $1,000 to the Awajun Community Forest Reserve project in the species-rich Peruvian Amazon for each school that takes one of our trips to Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador or Panama 

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 To be a part of this campaign select one of our trips from the TRIPS PAGE and contact us about reserving a date for your school. Or, if you cannot organize a trip simply send us a donation and we will recognize your gift with a jaguar certificate.

-Special Note:  .ORG indicates that we are a nonprofit tasked with a philanthropic mission and required to be transparent.  Our Annual Report and Financial Statement are available upon request.

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 Page summary:  Save The Rainforest, Inc. offers student travel deals, educational tours and school trips for students and educators to tropical rainforest destinations in Belize, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama, where they can learn and experience deforestation facts and rain forest conservation.


To download the book TWO DECADES IN THE RAINFOREST and learn more about travel tours and school trips with "Save the Rainforest" click on the owl butterfly.


-Teachers who bring a group travel free.



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