Save The Rainforest, Inc.

Offering courses in the tropics for educators, students, docents and birdwatchers since 1990 


More than an adventure, our trips are voyages of self-discovery that are:





Transformative, educational, fun and affordable, our trips to Costa Rica, Belize, Panama and the Galapagos have had a profund impact on thousands of young people over the past 25 years.   They have also proved to be a wonderful opportunity for teachers to travel to some of the greatest outdoor classrooms in the world and connect with their students on a deeper level. Some students who have gone on our trips have even become teachers who are now taking a new generations of students to our destinations. We hope you take a few moments to read their testimonials and check out our trips.  


 Special Note:  If you are teacher you can earn graduate credits and/or travel free when you bring a group of students. 

 *We are a non-profit organization founded by educators. Our trips are intended to benefit rainforest conservation as well as to inspire students and teachers. 


Page Summary:  Save The Rainforest, Inc. offers student travel deals, educational tours and school trips for students and educators to tropical rainforest destinations in Belize, Costa Rica, Galapagos and Panama, where they can learn and experience deforestation facts and rain forest conservation.


To download the book TWO DECADES IN THE RAINFOREST and learn more about travel tours and school trips with "Save the Rainforest" click on the owl butterfly. (This is a large PDF file and not suitable for slow internet connections)


Educational Materials on Climate Change

15-20% of carbon pollution comes from deforestation.  That is why we have created lesson plans on a new initiative to save rainforests called REDD---Reducing Emissions from Deforestation & forest Degradation. Educators may contact us to receive free copies of the lessons.

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